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Beyond the Page: An Introduction to Digital Humanities


Analysis II

On the first page, in the "Context of the Study" section, Foucault discusses four types of technologies: technologies of production, signs, power, and self. We're interested in all four in this class, but let's attend to the fourth technology if you will. Write an analysis that attends to the use of the fourth definition of technology within digital culture. Be specific: how does your chosen aspect of (online, networked, electronic, digital) culture facilitate the kinds of things that occur in the technology of the self? Please constrain your response to between 250 and 450 words, prepared before 12:00 midnight on Wednesday 9/17.

Analysis I

Both Manovich and Castells analyze the relationship networks have on human culture as a series of information exchanges. For this analysis, use something specific in Casetells or Manovicht o think through a form of online interaction. Hints: Be specific! Refer to discrete ideas in the texts we've read! Isolate individual practices online to think about. I don't have a preference for you confirming, denying, augmenting, or diverging from the ideas in the text. But I do want you to engage with the actual words and ideas (use quotes!) and the actual social networking practices. If you're stumped, use the discussion space in order to generate ideas. Before 12 noon on Wednesday, blog your analysis and send me a courtesy reminder to grade your work.

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