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Research Projects

The Black Students' Lives Project, a project bringing together West Chester University, Lincoln University, and Ursinus College to investigate the 150-year history of Black college students in Southeastern PA. An NEH grant proposal is under review, with several local sources of project funding already underway.

The Linked Lives Project, a sustainability and mapping project centered on three historic neighborhoods in Philadelphia, Kingsessing, Germantown, and Mill Creek. Involving 5 primary researchers at 3 campuses, Linked Lives is an active student-driven public-facing research project. AN NSF proposal is under review, with several sources of local funding already underway.

The Sapheos Project, an NEH grant funded project developing software for multi-object representation and collation.

The Humanities Gaming Institute, an NEH grant funded Institute for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities.

The Spenser Archive, an NEH grant funded Scholarly Editions project building an archive of the collected works of Edmund Spenser.

The Human Voices Project, a multi-national, multi-institutional data mining project. Part of the Digging into Data Challenge. Under review for NEH, NSF, & SSHRC funding.

MS-Link, a multi-institutional project to identify, digitize, and aggregate dismembered manuscript leaves and build a virtual codex. Under review for NEH funding.

The Tenth Dimension, an integrative learning project to foster beyond-the-classroom education at the University of South Carolina. Under review for SACS QEP funding.

Stibos Project, an information literacy project that uses open-source software to model recursive research behavior in undergraduate research. Software is entering pilot trials Spring of 2010.

HandHeld Art, a Secondary Art Education Summer Seminar to train Art teachers to use mobile platforms to foster student engagement in art education beyond the classroom.


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