Economies of Identity: Public/Private Constructs in

Restoration and Eighteenth-Century British Literature

Interpretive Analyses

These writings are due in class without exception-- they may not be submitted after the discussion.

Here's a Guide to Writing an Interpretive Analysis

Group I: Choose any Two

Analysis I, for Oroonoko and due February 2.

Analysis II, for "Wife's Resentment" and due February 9.

Analysis III, for "Fantomina" and due February 9.

Analysis IV, for Conscious Lovers and due Febrary 14.

Analysis V, for Man of Feeling and Due February 21.

Group II: Choose any Two

Analysis VI, for Swift's "A Meditation Upon a Broomstick," due March 30

Analysis VII, for Swift's Poetry, Due April 4

Analysis VIII, for Tale of a Tub, due April 6

Analysis IX, for Tristram Shandy, due April 11

Analysis X, for Tristram Shandy, due April 20

Here's some grading guidelines to help you structure your essay around the grade you're shooting for.